Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown

Let's Pray over Your School Year with Georgia Brown

August 04, 2023 Season 5 Episode 110
Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown
Let's Pray over Your School Year with Georgia Brown
Show Notes

Where did the summer go?!

I sure hope you had the sweetest summer. Sleeping in... pool... trips... camps... friends...late nights...sleepovers... what else did you do?

I can't believe it's time to get back into the swing of things.

Truly! The Father put you so heavy on my heart this week! I am sure grateful for your life. And as I think about you going back to school, I want you to be encouraged and equipped with confidence knowing the authority you have in Jesus' name!
I PRAY YOU NEVER FORGET... I am here for you and I am PUMPED about God's path for life. & honestly, I am believing this school year will be the best YET.

In this episode we chat about...
-The importance & significance of YOU in the classroom
-Why every moment matters in a school day
-How to see divine appointments through your day
-The importance of putting on your spiritual armor! (Eph. 6)
-5 creative ways to pray throughout a school day!
-Encouragement to be the friend you want to have
-Why you should even do your homework wholeheartedly unto the Lord
-LET'S PRAY  over your school year!!

I pray you leave this convo knowing your life has significance and you are not alone. You are seen, valued, and loved! I am so proud of your journey, I am praying for you, and always cheering you on. PLEASE, keep going!

AND... as the school year begins check out, "Hi God it's Me"! This devotional would be the perfect addition to your fall! This 20 day prayer devotional will keep your heart soft and growing throughout the school year. 

Love ya so much!
I'll see ya next week, 

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