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Amen: Releasing the Outcome with Karen Kingsbury

May 11, 2023 Georgia Brown Season 5 Episode 97
Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown
Amen: Releasing the Outcome with Karen Kingsbury
Show Notes

The very last word of the Bible isn't, "OHHH ME" it's AMEN. 

Does your amen sound like "AYE-MEN" a little more southern or... "AWE-MEN" a little... daintier, shall we say?! 

No matter what the ending of your prayers sounds like, have you ever taken a deep dive into this word. 

When we close our prayers with, "amen" we release them back up to God saying, "not my will, but yours be done. I trust this up to you, Father." 

One of my FAVORITE humans on this side of Heaven, Karen Kingsbury, #1 best-selling Author of Christian Fiction writings, joins us today as we talk about, The Release. AMEN. This is actually something she taught me as she joyfully sees her book release days as a day of offering to the Lord. *cue all the tears* 

In this episode we talk about... 
-3 ways that Mrs. Karen prays and feels close to God 
-The significance of releasing back to God her books,  any project, or prayer up to Heaven 
-The walk of faith & journey of prayer Karen's family experienced in 2022 as they opened, "Karen Kingsbury Productions" 
-Precious stories from the set of, "Someone Like You" 
-What my role of CRAFTY looked like!! 
-Encouragement to the friend who is looking for new ways to dwell in Gods presence 

I pray this episode blesses & encourages you! I always love time with Mrs. K. She is a bright light for Gods Kingdom and her works, from books, to movies, to tv series, to precious time together... impact me deeply. It's an honor and sincere joy to share her with YOU! 

love you! 

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