Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown

The Bible on Stage with Sight & Sound Theatres

April 19, 2023 Georgia Brown Season 5 Episode 90
Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown
The Bible on Stage with Sight & Sound Theatres
Show Notes

Welcome to a very special episode of FAITH & FRIENDS!

I am so beyond excited to share this conversation with YOU, as we chat with KATIE MILLER. She is a THIRD GENERATION founding family member of the Sight & Sound Theaters. A ministry where the Bible is brought to the stage!

From a dairy farm, to the theater! Oh yes you read that right! You'll just have to lean in & listen to this fun conversation to see how the Lord tied these two things together!

Sight & Sound Theaters are located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Branson, Missouri. And in 2020, Sight & Sound launched their online platform, Sight & Sound TV where the theatrical productions are brought right to your living room!

In this episode we chat about...
-The 45 year history of how Sight & Sound began
-How the Lord uses all things, even the loss of a love one to make beauty from ashes
-How the Lord showed up in seemingly impossible situations for the Sight & Sound Community
-The importance of leaning into the voice of the Lord when facing decisions
-How the Lord will prepare you for what's next
-The importance of not despising humble, small beginnings
-WHY Sight & Sound is soooo significant to me, and my family
-HOW these shows have impacted my family
-Current shows in Lancaster, and Branson
-What is next for Sight & Sound FILMS!!!

I truly hope you'll have a chance to either go to the theatre in person, OR, have a movie night with Sight & Sound TV! :) Queen Esther is a PERSONAL NEW FAV!

I am so grateful for you.
Truly--just as it was for Esther, YOU, too,  were made for such a time as this!
love you.

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