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Forgiveness: A Process & Priority with Laura Osnes

April 21, 2023 Georgia Brown Season 5 Episode 90
Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown
Forgiveness: A Process & Priority with Laura Osnes
Show Notes

The Cross goes both ways. Horizontal, and Vertical.
When we come to the LORD, and seek forgiveness, He makes us right with Him (vertical). Then, as we see in the model prayer of Matthew 6, we are told to"Forgive [us] as we forgive those who sin against us".

We are called to FORGIVE one another, just as Christ has forgiven us! (Horizontally)!

To chat about all things forgiveness, we are hanging out with our sister in the LORD, Laura Osnes. Laura is an actress,  singer/songwriter, wife, dog mama, mentor, and an incredible friend. Laura has been on a refining fire of a journey the past couple of years. Over the next few minutes as she shares her story, I pray you leave encouraged that you are not alone, and that forgiveness is a beautiful, and necessary component to prayer, and FREEDOM in Christ.

In this episode we chat about...
-How Laura got to Tennessee
-How fires reveal idols & can draw you back to your first love
-How to grieve as a season comes to a close
-How to honor others well through conflict
-Why we should be quick to repent & draw near to the LORD rather than pointing blame elsewhere.
-What to do when the voices of the world are loud
-How the unknown of a new season can lead you into the promise Land
-How to acknowledge the LORD when you're in the process of forgiving
-The importance of forgiving yourself

I am so grateful for Laura's vulnerability and courage to share her story. I pray this time together was refreshing, convicting, and uplifting! Forgiveness is a journey, and I'm so grateful we're on it together.
love you!


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