Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown

Everything about HIM is HOLY with Gabrielle Mccullough

March 17, 2023 Georgia Brown Season 5 Episode 85
Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown
Everything about HIM is HOLY with Gabrielle Mccullough
Show Notes

Everything about GOD is HOLY. & today as we continue in our PRAYER SERIES we are joined by the lovely Gabrielle Mccullough as we talk about holiness, and how confession of our sins brings us closer to God, and one another. 

Gabrielle  is a 21-year-old, Minnesota born and raised, evangelist and bible teacher who is eager about reaching all people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her greatest passion is to specifically fight for her generation to be found faithful by knowing God, fearing God, and loving God, so that they would live a life consecrated by holiness.

She currently resides in Waco, TX where she has the privilege of being on mission with the local body at Harris Creek Baptist Church. When she’s not with her college ministry girls, you can find her sipping on a latte, searching for vintage antiques, or doing something fun and creative with her husband Cooper!

In this episode we chat about...
-The freedom found in confessing darkness to the light 
-The importance of being all who God has called us to be in this generation 
-Why holiness as believers in Jesus is curtail to our walk with Him 
-Gabby's prayer for our generation 
-What Brie, and Georgia have personally struggled with and how they move forward with repentance 

I pray this episode blesses you and meets you right where you're at. God is so good. & everything about Him is HOLY. & because of His goodness, and holiness--being made in His image and likeness, as His children, we are called to the same! What a beautiful process. 

You're so loved. I'm grateful for this journey with YOU! 

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