Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown

God wants to use ALL of YOU with Georgia Brown

February 24, 2023 Georgia Brown Season 5 Episode 81
Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown
God wants to use ALL of YOU with Georgia Brown
Show Notes

I am so beyond honored to share MY heart with you today.

To launch us into a new season of the Podcast, it's just you and me, friend!

In this episode we're going to chat about..
-My testimony! How I grew up in the Church knowing God, but found a true relationship with JESUS in College!
-How God wants to use ALL of you, not just part of your passions
-How the Lord prepares you for what you're called to for His kingdom
-The importance of getting poured into by other believers
-The importance of being a part of a local church
-How faith & friends began!!!!!
-Why I began my prayer closet (personal story time!)
-Where we are headed in season FIVE!


I CANNOT WAIT to grow in this PRAYER series together!! We're going to be chatting with the COOLEST guests this season. So many incredible humans to learn from.
(& I can't WAIT to share my surprise with you in a few weeks. Stay tuned!)

This next friday, March 3rd,  before launching into our prayer series, we are going to chat with Tara Sun, to celebrate with this sister as she launches her first book, Surrender Your Story. I pray this episode blesses you as well! So I'll see YOU next week, friend, for more FAITH FILLED FUN!

I'm so grateful for you. 
Thank you for sharing a little bit of your day with me. 

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