Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown

You Don't Have to Understand to Obey with Nicole Renard

March 24, 2023 Georgia Brown Season 5 Episode 86
Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown
You Don't Have to Understand to Obey with Nicole Renard
Show Notes

Have you ever seen those trending Smoothie Bowl videos on your social media feed?! IDK about you, but they're so tasty lookin', I wish I could grab one through the screen!

Today we are talking with the woman of God behind all things #DoStuff, smoothie bowls, & allllll the fun food content! Nicole is a real life bestie of mine and I am beyond honored to continue in our prayer series with her!
Today we are diving into, "Your Kingdom Come..."

In this episode you will hear...

-How important it is to spend time with God, so you can know His voice
-The significance of how we are to each uniquely bring His Kingdom here
-How your passions from  childhood come together to make you into who Gods designed you to be
-Hope to the friend needing permission to do the thing Gods placed on your heart
-How Nicole uses her unique voice and passions to share her love for Christ
-How your" yes" is required to go deeper with Him
-How God uses all of our desires together for our good & for His glory
-How to trust God even when we don't fully understand

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I pray the dreams & desires on your heart are encouraged from this episode. God wants to use YOU. Yes... Y O U ! His Kingdom, His love, His goodness... its all around, yet also.... it's in YOU. Say YES to Him. Lean in... listen... and obey!!! It will ALWAYS be worth it.

love you, friend.


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