Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown

The Attack on our Words with Sam Sorbo

February 17, 2023 Georgia Brown Season 4 Episode 80
Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown
The Attack on our Words with Sam Sorbo
Show Notes

She is a follower of Jesus, a wife, a mother, an actress, a writer, an education advocate... Sam Sorbo is just awesome.

To begin our conversation I asked Mrs. Sam, "What motivates you each morning as you wake up?" And her answer was stunning. Just one word.


& do you know WHO is the truth? You read that right, not WHAT is the truth, WHO is the truth?

JESUS. Is the Truth, the Way, the Life. (John 14:6)

In this episode we talk about...
-The attack on truth
-The power your voice carries
-The importance of educating yourself
-The need for an increase of discernment in our lives
-The significance of spending quality time with your children
-The disservice the public school indoctrination does to the next generation
-How Sam met her Husband, Kevin Sorbo
-How Sam chose her family over her career
-Encouragement to the young teacher wanting to make a difference

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What a conversation to end Season 4 with! 
W-O-W. I cannot believe we are beginning season FIVE this next WEEK! 

Our first guest to kick off a brand new season is going to be... DIFFERENT. wink wink! 
You are...CHOSEN. wink wink! 

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