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The New Left Behind Movie!! with Kevin Sorbo

January 20, 2023 Georgia Brown Season 4 Episode 76
Faith & Friends with Georgia Brown
The New Left Behind Movie!! with Kevin Sorbo
Show Notes

The 90s bought us the left behind books by Jerry Jenkins.
The early 2000s brought us the Left Behind film series with Kirk Cameron
2014 brought us Left Behind with Nicholas Cage
AND in 2023-- we now have the next feature film in the beloved hit series--LEFT BEHIND, with Kevin Sorbo!

If you have not heard of this series (which I sure hope you have in some way, it's INCREDIBLE) Left Behind series depicts the End Times, bringing to life a world after the rapture of Gods people. This series was inspired by Gods word and brought to life by followers of Jesus! These books now turned into a famous film franchise are seeds of conviction and eye opening awareness of what it could look like in the years to come!

Take heart! He (King Jesus) has overcome the world for YOU!

In this episode with Mr. Kevin we talk about...
-This new Left Behind film
-The importance of supporting Christian films opening weekend
-Fathom Events
-Sorbo's other films: Gods Not Dead, What If, Soul Surfer, Let there be Light
-Kevin and his wife Sam's trip to group trip to Israel this May (click HERE for more)
-The importance of holding the line in media and entertainment

I cannot wait to see this film in theaters NEXT WEEK! Opening night is January 26th! Tell your friends, youth group, co-workers, Church, family, goldfish....everyone!
Click HERE for tickets!
For more on Kevin's films & ministry click HERE

I can't wait to hear what you think of the film. 
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I'm grateful for you, friend

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